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From a girl who was constantly taunted for her abilities, to a girl who is now rocking it.

As a fresh graduate, I was eager to embark on a teaching career and make a difference in the lives of my students. However, fate had other plans in store for me when I stumbled upon an opportunity that would change the course of my life forever. It all began with the virtual university’s state-of-the-art […]

The Success story of Sami Ullah, a hardworking Fiverr and Upwork Freelancer

Hello, my name is Sami Ullah Zakir, CEO of ILMGHAR, and I am also the founder of this company. My roots are from Depalpur, Okara, Pakistan. This story is about how I worked my way up to the top. It’s a success story of a struggling freelancer. The first ever job I landed was at […]

Hardworking Upwork Success Story of Muhammad Zia Ullah from Okara, Pakistan

My Name is Muhammad Zia Ullah aka Zia Geek. I belong to Okara, Pakistan. I started my learning process at an early age when I use to play games and change their attributes by code. I did my Bachelor’s degree in 2018 and worked as a full-time software developer in a software house. Always wanting […]

Zaman Gull’s journey from freelancing to founding a software house

My name is Zaman Gull. I Belong to Lahore, Pakistan. Today, I would like to share my success story with you, a success that didn’t come easy. I completed my BSCS in 2018 and started a job in USA Based Software Company. My First Job Salary was 40k in 2018. I started my Freelance Career […]

Meet Muhammad Tufail Abbas who earned more than US$100k in less than 3 years

Living and earning, soul-feeding or spoon-feeding, who can earn how much is not dependent upon your degrees or the companies you work for. It depends upon your hard work and sustainability. The thirst to find hidden treasures, sheer belief in your capabilities, and then to be at the right place at right time. Sharing my […]

Success Journey of Hafiz Muhammad Attaullah

Every good story starts with rejection. Mine is no different. Growing up in a developing country such as Pakistan in a highly education-centered family, I felt like I had little to no freedom to explore who I am. My life seemed predetermined and reasonable. My parents were training me to be an army man and […]

A Journey From Full Time Mother To An Entrepreneur

“A journey of a Thousand Miles begins with the first step” Being a daughter in a family who wants their girl to only excel in academics then marriage and have kids… Matlab wohi typical Mindset ( Job, skill learning, business Kuch na Karu). But she was above average student with a different mindset wants to […]

Success story of earning 70000 PKR/mo to 70000 USD/yr

Working Remotely is today’s perk We are born into a fortunate generation. During the unfortunate period of time when people were restricted to their homes because of the worldwide pandemic, most companies started working online. All tech giants and small startups decided to allow their employees to work from home. This was the most difficult […]

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